Vaccinations are paid in interest-free installments and easy procedures at VNVC

People who get vaccinated can easily buy a vaccine package from 3 million VND at VNVC and can use the “Vaccinate first, pay later” service without interest, simple procedures, only need ID card or ID card, free insurance payment. donations,… and many other attractive benefits.
After only a few days of launch, the interest-free ” Vaccinate first, pay later ” program at VNVC Vaccination System has attracted the attention and registration of many people, especially young workers and young people. Elderly, retired officers…

Easily get vaccinated with a new financial solution

Present at 7:00 a.m. at VNVC My Dinh vaccination center, Mr. Hoang Van Binh and his wife (Hanoi) brought their 2-month-old daughter to be vaccinated. He said that the couple worked all day and sometimes did not know all the vaccines and vaccination schedules for their children. Hearing from his friends about the official no-interest package injection service in the presence of VNVC My Dinh, he brought his baby to register for the package for children 0-24 months, worth more than 20 million VND but paid in 12 months, each month. only about 1.5 million VND per month.

With this vaccine package, the baby is vaccinated with a total of 26 doses, preventing all dangerous diseases for children such as: diarrhea caused by Rotavirus, diseases caused by pneumococcus, Japanese encephalitis, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, chickenpox, measles, flu… produced by many advanced countries such as the US, France, Belgium. All vaccines are stored in a cold storage and cold chain system that meets international standards.

“From now on, I don’t need to worry about running out of vaccines to vaccinate my child. Each month, I pay an installment that is within the couple’s limited budget and my child is fully vaccinated until he is 2 years old,” he shared.

According to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), after the pandemic, Vietnam currently has about 250,000 children who have missed one or more important basic first doses of vaccines, in addition to vaccines not included in the Immunization Program. Expanded strains are also at low coverage rates. Many parents have economic difficulties, many workers and laborers are unemployed, moving from the city to the countryside to live, causing children’s vaccination process to be interrupted. Giving up a small amount of money to vaccinate children, adults do not dare to spend money on protecting their own health.

Meanwhile, the epidemic situation has many complicated developments. The number of Covid-19 cases is still increasing in the community, especially dangerous for children, the elderly, and people with chronic diseases; “Seasonal” diseases such as hand, foot and mouth disease, dengue fever, meningitis, influenza, pertussis, tetanus, diphtheria, chickenpox, rabies… have unpredictable developments and spread silently, endangering the community.

According to Ms. Vu Thi Thu Ha, supply director of VNVC Vaccination System, for many years VNVC has applied installment payments when customers buy vaccine packages. However, procedures from partners still have many barriers, so the number of people accessing these funds is not as high as expected. The program is expected to not only remove financial barriers but also help millions of children receive timely vaccinations on schedule, catch-up vaccinations, booster vaccinations and necessary vaccinations when many vaccines are in the program. Expanded vaccination is scarce. In addition, workers, the elderly, retired officials… also have the opportunity to get all necessary vaccines, when they get vaccinated first and pay later.

Procedures to register for vaccination with 0% interest installments in just 5 minutes at VNVC

The “Vaccinate first, pay later” program is jointly implemented by VNVC Vaccination Center System and Mcredit – Members of Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank (MB) and SBI Shinsei Bank (Japan).

In particular, the entire interest rate is paid by VNVC on behalf of customers, with preferential interest rates reserved by Mcredit for this activity to share economic difficulties with people.

To register for the vaccine package , people only need to have an ID card or CCCD and perform identification verification operations in a few minutes. Customers with factors related to identification or old expenses will be supported later to complete the procedure before the next injection.

Depending on the value of the vaccine package, customers only need to pay a minimum of 10% in advance and pay in installments over 6 months or 12 months, applicable to packages of 3 million VND or more.

Currently, VNVC is implementing many flexible vaccine packages for children and adults, including: vaccine packages for children, preschool children, adolescents, adults, pre-pregnant women, vaccine packages HPV + Influenza + Pneumococcus 13 vaccine, HPV + Influenza + Menactra vaccine package,…

  • Customers want to buy vaccine packages with 0% interest installments at VNVC .
  • Mcredit staff will receive needs, provide consultation and prepare installment payment documents.
  • Customers will have their installment payment application assessed and approved by Mcredit.
  • When the documents are valid, the Customer will sign the contract and pay the prepayment amount with VNVC.
  • Customers pay in regular installments according to the payment schedule on App Mcredit and get vaccinated according to VNVC’s appointment.

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