Smoking for many years, the old man almost had his leg amputated

Doctors at Hanoi Medical University Hospital have just admitted a 63-year-old male patient to the hospital in a condition where his legs could not move on his own.
The patient is a LCT with a history of smoking for many years (since he was very young). The doctor examined and initially predicted that the limb would need to be amputated at 90%.

According to MScNT Nguyen Anh Huy – Cardiovascular Center , Hanoi Medical University Hospital, the patient has had leg pain for about a month now. 3 days before entering the hospital, the pain increased. After examination, doctors found that the patient had quite clear signs of sub-acute limb ischemia.

“We ordered a cardiovascular and respiratory investigation, blood tests and an angiogram to see that the patient was completely blocked in the pelvis, thighs, lower legsā€¦ so we decided to have emergency surgery. After ultrasound, we suspected this was a new thrombus, the doctors immediately consulted and decided to operate with the coordination of the cardiovascular and surgical intervention team” – Doctor. Huy said.

Also according to BS. Huy, this is a case with special coordination between intervention and surgery teams, which is a common trend in the world at the present time to achieve optimal results for the patient. Previously, people could use many other methods (surgery only or intervention) but effectiveness would be difficult to achieve with this combination method.

In this case, this patient has smoked for many years and was admitted to the hospital with all his toes purple, with a 90% chance of amputation. After completing the surgery to clear the vessels, using the Hybrid method, the interventional doctors will take pictures and pump up images of the vascular tree right during surgery.

From there, you can find the blockage and then perform angioplasty , treating narrow areas that are difficult for tools to reach. Then place a stent for maximum effectiveness. After 3 days, the patient improved well and was expected to be able to keep his leg.

Currently after surgery, the patient can sit up, talk to people around him, and his physical condition is much better than before being hospitalized.

Through this case, doctors recommend that patients be well managed by changing their living habits: Do not smoke, if you smoke, you should quit today. Everyone needs to be examined periodically. People over the age of 60 are at greater risk of atherosclerotic diseases.

Exercising a lot with high intensity is not necessarily good, but you need to have exercises according to your doctor’s advice, suitable for each physical condition.

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